The Squeez

The sQueez, Durbans newest, raddest blog on the inter-web. Run by a duo of creative millennial’s sharing their thoughts and passions on all things space.

We sat down with the two queens behind the sQueez to ask what the blog is all about.


Ribs & Jess aka “The sQueez”

  1. Talk to us about The sQueez? What is it?

The sQueez is the “lowdown” on all things space – not Star Wars kind of space, but interiors, art and design. At this point in time the sQueez is a lifestyle blog focused on communicating interior trends, discussing space design and showcasing Durban’s beautiful gritty urban art. In doing so, we hope to shift Durban and entice people to go out and find new and exciting spaces to grab a coffee or a bite to eat whilst feeling revitalized from the inspiring surroundings Durban has to offer.

  1. Where did idea for The sQueez materialize?

When it comes to the name, we wanted something that would communicate “trend forecast” with a twist; the sQueez fitted perfectly as it makes the reader think of “juicy news”. However the term means more than that. “Skwiza” is a colloquial Zulu term for sister. Being the girlfriends of brothers with no sisters of our own, we sort of adopted the name for each other and ran with the pseudonym – The sQueez.  We, the sQueez have always wanted to showcase Durban in the light that it deserves. The more we thought about what this blog could be, the more we wanted to get into interiors and space design. We are beyond happy with how it is turning out and the great response we have received so far.

  1. Where does The sQueez gets its inspiration from?

Durban really is B.E.A.U.tiful. There is inspiration everywhere that we as Durbanites take for granted, so we want to be the medium that reignites people’s response to our well-deserved city. We love to surround ourselves with like-minded creative people who also believe in the beauty and potential in Durban, and this is pretty much how the duo of the sQueez came to be. Motivation and drive is what inspires our mission, you’d be surprised at how excited we get about the small details of a well-designed space. We love a good snoop around a designer interior space that we know we can’t afford, but enjoy marveling over the innovative interior design pieces; they make us happy and enthused to share the beauty with others.

  1. Future plans for The sQueez – what’s the end goal? What’s the dream? How are you going to get there?


We both have a clear understanding of the importance and power of a strong brand. Whilst we strive to create a strong brand for ourselves, we hope that others will see the influence it can have on a business – no matter how big or small. Future plans for the sQueez:  become a creative agency that other brands can come to for direction in brand strategy and visual brand communications when it comes to: interior space design, social media and events.

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