South Beach Sliders – To Regain The Stoke



South Beach Sliders is the vision & passion project of Durban based photographer & producer, Erin Wulfsohn.

Erin spent a large portion of her childhood surfing South Beach where longboards were plentiful and the modus operandi. After a 10-year absence from being in the water, Erin jumped back on a longboard to regain the stock she experience once upon a time.

“Something that immediately stuck out upon my return to the water, was this small group of surfers. They were riding longboards with a grace and finesse I had never seen before, it was almost as if the surfer and wave were locking in a conversation together.” – Erin

This left Erin hungry for knowledge and inspiration and she approached this small group for advice on how she could improve. Erin describes how she was immediately welcomed into what she says is the “family”. With the nudge of her partner, the pre production phase of a documentary began.

The documentary that we now know as South Beach Sliders sets out to explore the rich history and surf culture found along the South Beach stretch in Durban, South Africa. As far back as the 1960’s, South Beach has always been recognized as a longboard surfing destination and over the years has achieved cult status amongst all single fin sliders. Today, the break is still frequented by some of the original crew, who now are mentors and influencers to the younger generation of surfers, inspiring them to continue in their single fin legacy and maintain the true spirit, style and grace that embodies longboarding.

South Beach Slider is now fully in its pre production stage, and the team headed up by Erin have set out to raise funds. The first phase of fund raising see’s the launch of single fin inspired t-shirts, all proceeds from the sale will go to hiring crew and equipment to continue the filming process.

You can follow the film making process of South Beach Sliders and the surfers that frequent the break on Instagram and Facebook.

Also look out for the monthly Floral Slide Sessions coming soon.

Photos: Jed Kenny

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