Of The Sea Set To Launch Tomorrow

“We always wanted to start our own surf brand. I think every surfer dreams of this. Kel & I thought, why not? If it fails, at least we’ll have some rad clothes for the next few years.” – Nick Mavian, Founder, Of The Sea

 “Of The Sea”, is a new local Durban based surf brand born out of a husband & wife’s love for surfing & their deep rooted appreciation for the ocean.

The couple have centered Of The Sea’s brand essence around people that resonate with the ocean & have an admiration for clean, minimalistic design. Kel Mavian (the wifey part of the brand) says that the main reason for starting the venture, was to wear a brand that both Nick & herself believe in. A brand that aligns itself with what they both stand for.

“We want people to have fun & not be afraid to be laughed at”, says Nick Mavian (the husband part of the brand). An odd statement for a founder of a clothing brand but with a deeper meaning. He explains further – “Ricky (Ricky Bassnet) really taught me a lot about surfing & how to look at it differently. Especially how to have fun with it & not take yourself so seriously. The ocean draws such vibrant & colourful people, everyone is having a good time & exploring their own unique place.”

Nick & Kel initially wanted to focus the concept on an all female surf brand. They had battled to find Kel locally made surf gear that was designed for the more mature lady surfer and “Wasn’t all pink!” as Nick puts it.

Of The Sea was born & quickly evolved into a mens & ladies brand for one specific reason – Nick felt left out. #FOMO.

Of The Sea is set to launch its first male range tomorrow with the female range following suit in a couple of weeks. The brand focuses on keeping apparel production local with the aim of giving back to the surf community where ever it can. “We especially want to focus our attention on the ladies range as we feel we are not represented enough in SA. There are beautiful independent female brands that are producing sensational products overseas & we would like to offer similar products to the queens here.” adds Kel.

Of the Sea’s opening range is small & select. The couple aim for the brand to grow as much as the people supporting it want it to grow. “We don’t want to be just another shirt brand pumping out logo tees. We want the person who is wearing the brand, to feel like they are apart of something with us.”, says Nick.

The apparel will be available to purchase online via Of The Sea’s website – www.wearepeopleofthesea.com which is set to launch along with the brand tomorrow at 10am.

You can interact with Of The Sea via their Instagram feed.

 All photos: Erin Wulfsohn

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