Brooklyn Hunter – A Blog Born Out Of A Craving For Creativity



In today’s world of online content, blogs are ranked amongst the top searched topics on Google. So why would anyone want to start a blog in an already immensely saturated market?

We sat down with Tasmin Hibbert to chat about “Brooklyn Hunter”, her inspirational website, and why she decided to make her dream a reality.

What is Brooklyn Hunter & how was it born?

Brooklyn Hunter was born out of a deep craving for creativity within myself. I have a passion for visual art and I am inspired by creativity in all forms, across all mediums.

Brooklyn Hunter is a reflection of what inspires me. The aim of Brooklyn Hunter is to leave a trail of inspiration for my audience. The website is a platform for be me to encourage creativity through fashion, travel, décor, arts, design & wellness.

 What is Brooklyn Hunter & what inspired you to pursue it?

 I am a firm believer of using my passion for fashion, people & design as an inspiration to stimulate myself & over come my creative limitations.

One of my biggest inspirations is the adventurous yet elegant style brought to life by the minimalistic approach that is Coco Chanel.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”- Coco Chanel

These words inspire me to help my audience discover this within themselves.

What problem are you trying to solve in your particular market for your target audience?

 Brooklyn Hunters aims to make life passions accessible & inspiring through one easy online platform. Accessing your individual passion often gets left behind in the midst of crazy reality. Brooklyn Hunter aims to make these passions reachable through updating your creativity with new trends, brands of elegance & edge, helpful tips on travel and so much more.

What does that future hold for Brooklyn Hunter?

 Currently, we are processing the conceptualization of the Brooklyn Hunter fashion label. It’s a very exciting project for me! I truly believe that Brooklyn Hunter can use clothes as an avenue to establish identity & confidence in the modern day woman.

So how can people interact with Brooklyn Hunter?

Brooklyn Hunter is online at: & on Instagram @brooklyn_hunter_





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